NRAA Electronic Target Policy & Documents

 February 2013

Some time ago, the NRAA convened an Electronic Targets Advisory Committee to investigate the growing use of Electronic Targets (E-Targets) in Australia. This was composed of representatives from each State & Territory. A number of Suppliers, including International ones were circulated and responded. A number of their recommendations and findings have been adopted by the NRAA and are available for download below.

We recognise that Electronic Targets will constantly be evolving and improving and therefore requirements and procedures will need to be constantly revisited and updated. These documents below, whilst being up-to-date at their time of publishing are the best efforts of the people consulted.

The NRAA has taken the stance that it is not our role to recommend or test any specific type of target. Indeed, if we did so, that recommendation would be out-of-date as soon as the next generation of targets comes along. States, or Clubs, or Organisations must make that decision themselves. The E-Targets Advisory Committee and the NRAA have issued 3 documents for Organisations to use as a Guide when investigating and making their own choices about target systems. Each can be downloaded below.



The NRAA has direct control of a number of competitions.

When the venue being used by the NRAA proposes to use Electronic Targets for the NRAA Competition, the NRAA will consider the “Essential Requirements” Document when deciding if the venue and targets to be used will be approved.



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NRAA policy regarding electronic targets

NRAA essential requirements for electronic targets

An in-depth guide and discussion document for electronic targets



B. Pedersen – NRAA Rules Director